Birch Water

The Nature’s Own Drink
for Wellbeing

Birch water or birch sap is Nature’s elixir for health.

It is a bioactive fluid, with minerals, trace elements, and other biologically active substances. It stimulates the metabolism, detoxes the body and has an impressive low sugar content: 4x less sugar than coconut water. Perfect for plant-based diets and weight loss. 

Birch water is extremely hydrating, giving you extra energy on days of fatigue. It is gentle for your stomach and is suitable for people of all ages. It is very popular among those who wish a healthier way of life.

Finnish forest birch water

From The Arctic Forests of Finland

Birch water is a very nutritious water that comes from the birch tree: known as the “Tree of Life”.

For centuries, the Nordic countries have used birch water to enhance health and wellness. Birch water is so precious that it can only be collected once in a year, during 3 weeks in the early spring.

When the snow starts to melt, the birch tree roots absorb the groundwater, and it flows naturally all the way up to the leaves, carrying with it all the vital nutrients essential for the plant to grow. Birch water is a truly organic and healthy nectar.

A Pure Organic Product From Nordic Nature

Nordic Koivu Premium birch water is bottled in its natural state, free of pollutants, no additives, no preservatives or added sugars. We ecologically collect the birch water straight from the tree into the package. Our birch water is so pure that nothing is added or taken – just like Mother Nature intended!

Tree of Life

Finnish birch experiences all 4 seasons every year!