High-quality birch sap around the world

Nordic Koivu Ltd. produces high-quality birch sap for consumers and carries out research and development on utilising birch sap as a raw material for the food, drink, and cosmetics industries. Most of Nordic Koivu Ltd's production is exported to the international markets. The company's headquarters and manufacturing department are located in Tohmajärvi, Finland. Nordic Koivu Ltd. was formerly known as Aurinkolehto Ltd.

Operation principles

Nordic Koivu Ltd. is a youthful and dynamic company that is evolving fast. It operates with a sense of direction and in accordance with its principles and objectives: The operations invest especiallyin quality, product development, reliability, customer service, and naturalness. Wishes and feedback from our customers play a key role in the development of our operations.

International development

The birch sap production of Nordic Koivu Ltd. is based on years of research and development. The company has pioneered in both the collection methods of birch sap and its production system; the system is the first of its kind in the world. Birch sap is a genuine and healthy natural product. Read more about our birch sap in our product pages!

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