Biofach 2018

Nordic Koivu Ltd will exhibit at Biofach 14 – 17 February 2018. You will find us in hall 8, stand No. 8-207. Welcome!


Enterprise of the year

Nordic Koivu Ltd was awarded the ”Enterprise of the Year 2017” prize by the Regional Organisation of Enterprises in North Karelia.

Susanna Maaranen

Vuoden Yrittaja

FSSC 22000

Nordic Koivu Ltd follows the guidelines of the food safety management system FSSC 22000.


Anuga 2013 in Cologne, Germany

Welcome to meet us at Anuga 5 – 9 October 2013 in Cologne, Germany. You will find us at stand No. 11.1 D-045c. See you there!

Launching of Nordic Koivu™ birch sap in Seoul, South Korea

Nordic Koivu Ltd has signed a contract with Korean Hitejinro Beverage Co. Ltd. ( assigning Hitejinro as the exclusive distributor of Nordic Koivu™ consumer product, bottled birch sap, on the Korean market. The official launching will take place at the beginning of September.

Biofach 2013

Nordic Koivu Ltd will be exhibiting at Biofach 13 – 16 February 2013. Welcome to visit us and to taste the freshness of Finnish nature! You will find us at stand No. 1-512.

Biofach 2012

Nordic Koivu Ltd will be exhibiting at Biofach 15 – 18 February 2012. Welcome to visit us and to taste the freshness of Finnish nature!

Biofach 2011

Nordic Koivu Ltd will be exhibiting at Biofach 16 – 19 February 2011. You will find our company at stand No. 1-510 in hall No. 1. Welcome to visit us and to taste the freshness of Finnish nature!

Opening of Nordic Koivu Ltd’s new premises

The official opening ceremony took place on Tuesday the 12th of October 2010. The chairman of the board of Nordic Koivu Ltd wished the invited guests warmly welcome and told briefly about the company’s history. Municipal Manager Olli Riikonen gave the greetings of the municipality of Tohmajärvi and ended his speech with a festive fanfare with his trumpet. Region Mayor Pentti Hyttinen on his turn gave an interesting speech from the regional viewpoint. After the official speeches the guests had a unique opportunity to attend the world’s premier of birch sap sparkling wine made by Hermanni’s Winery.


Juha Kurkinen, Chairman of the Board of Nordic Koivu Ltd


Municipal Manager Olli Riikonen with his trumpet


Region Mayor Pentti Hyttinen, Regional Council of North Karelia


Opening of the first birch sap sparkling wine bottle by Managing Director Harri Turunen, Hermanni’s Winery


Tasting of birch sap sparkling wine on the terrace roof




New address

Nordic Koivu Ltd moved to new premises at the beginning of September. The new premises enable efficient operation and development of the company's activities. The company's new address is Sininentie 145 A, FI-82600 Tohmajärvi, Finland.

Nordic Koivu™ Birch Sap as a part of an art installation

Nordic Koivu™ Birch Sap was in Kaj Kalin's art installation "The first night" in the art exhibition Luksus 09 in the summer 2009 in Design Forum Finland. Now the exhibition has been invited to The Artothèque de Caen, France, for the period between 19.11.-23.12.2010. The Luksus exhibition offers different viewpoints to the luxury, varying from traditional luxury to eco-luxury and luxurious experiences generated by good design of individual products.

Photography by Laila Alanen

Regional Environment Award to Nordic Koivu Ltd

The North Karelia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment awarded Nordic Koivu Ltd the Regional Environmental Award. The award was given to Nordic Koivu for the following reasons: "Nordic Koivu Ltd has developed birch sap into a finished product, which has a long shelf life unopened in room temperature, but does not contain any preservatives or additives and has not been heated. The company's collection and production process is energy-effective and does not burden the environment."

Topping-out ceremony of new premises

The topping-out ceremony of Nordic Koivu Ltd’s new premises took place on Friday the 4th of June in a windy weather. Construction work is on schedule and the company can start moving into the new premises after the summer holiday season.

Sap production season of 2010

The birch sap production season lasted about three weeks. The season succeeded well both quantitatively and qualitatively.

New premises for Nordic Koivu Ltd

Construction of the new premises is on schedule. The new building comprises new production premises as well as storehouse and offices, all together about 900 m². The building will be ready at the end of August 2010. The company’s all activities will move to the new premises at the beginning of September 2010.

Birch sap collection network development project

Nordic Koivu Ltd participates in the three-year development project aiming at creation of a subcontractor-based birch sap collection network and a universal birch sap grading system. The project started in March 2010 and is administered by Central Karelia Development Company KETI Ltd. In the future Nordic Koivu Ltd aims at buying all birch sap it needs from subcontractors.

Expert recommendation to use Nordic Koivu
birch sap for sports applications

The All-Russian Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sport of the Russian Federation Ministry of Sport, working in close cooperation with the training of the national Olympic sports team, has analysed Nordic Koivu Birch Sap and given an expert opinion on the use of the product for sports applications.

The expert opinion recommends Nordic Koivu Birch Sap without any restrictions to optimize the functional state of the body during training and competition periods of the yearly training cycle of highly skilled athletes and to prevent athletes’ overstrain syndrome.

Nordic Koivu Birch Sap is also recommended for acceleration recovery and preventing metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases in athletes as well as others practicing strong physical culture to optimize the functional state and enhance general physical endurance and the quality of life.

Read the English translation of the expert opinion here.

Birch sap and birch pollen allergies

Nordic Koivu Ltd has received many contacts from individuals around the world who suffer from allergies due to birch pollen. Many of these allergy sufferers have noticed that regular consumption of birch sap, both before and during the birch pollen season, has alleviated their allergy symptoms. Encouraged by this feedback, Nordic Koivu has established a small, unofficial test group consisting of persons allergic to birch pollen. This group consumed birch sap continually during three consecutive birch pollen seasons making daily reports on the impact birch sap had on their allergy symptoms.

The test results were very promising as each member of the test group felt that regular consumption of birch sap had a dramatic effect in alleviating their allergy symptoms. It must be noted that these tests are not official, however, Nordic Koivu is currently planning to begin scientific research on this subject in cooperation with universities.

Increasing demand of birch sap amongst industry

The interest in birch sap as an ingredient in both the cosmetic industry and food & beverage industry is rapidly increasing. These industries are strongly focusing on production development accompanied by the importance of creating new products using natural ingredients. This spring Nordic Koivu Ltd produced birch sap in large containers for several significant industrial clients according to their individual, specific requirements.