About production

A genuine natural product

Nordic Koivu birch sap is a genuine and pure natural product. With the collection and production methods of Nordic Koivu Ltd. birch sap is preserved without preservatives or heat treatment, whereby the original characteristics of the sap are maintained unchanged.

The collection season of birch sap is short. In order to secure the supply of birch sap for consumers throughout the year preservation is the foremost factor in improving quality. Nordic Koivu Ltd. is the leader in terms of the collection system of birch sap as well as its processing and bottling. The advanced automatic collection and bottling system enables serial production of birch sap and ensures a long shelf-lifeat room temperature without heat treatment, additives, or preservatives.

Nordic High Technology

Nordic Koivu Ltd. does continuous research and development work to improve its technology further. The company's technology enables the industrial-scale production of birch sap and ensures long preservation of the product without additives, preservatives, or heat treatment.

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