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Added Value From Nature

Birch water is an excellent option to add value to your food and beverage production. Tree waters are Nature’s own superdrinks and are now extremely popular around the world.

Birch water is the mildest of these drinks, it is rich in minerals, has the lowest sugar content and a good source of detox.

Nordic Koivu’s birch water is 100% pure and organic, making it suitable for different types of applications.

Consumers are more attentive to the quality of the products they purchase, away from artificial ingredients. Health-oriented behavior is much more than a trend – it is the new way of living.

Nordic Koivu’s birch water is delivered for industrial use in different size containers

Want to know about the versatile opportunities of Birch Water for the beverage industry?  

We compiled a complimentary guide to provide insight to R&D specialists, product managers and other beverage industry experts on the functional composition of birch sap and its versatile opportunities for beverage manufacturers. 

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