Nordic Koivu between the best Finnish beverages

Harvested in Finland over a very short period in early spring and manufactured using pioneering methods and technologies, Nordic Koivu’s birch sap is now being drunk in many countries. A glass of high-quality organic birch water is a perfect way to quench thirst and get a vitality boost.

With natural products becoming increasingly popular around the world, Nordic Koivu is not only producing birch sap for consumers, but also constantly carrying out research on utilising birch sap as raw material for the cosmetics and food and beverage industries.

Having a great nutritional profile, birch sap has for centuries been known and praised for its potential health benefits. That, however, should not be taken too literally.

“We’re not even trying to claim it’s a medicine of any kind,” emphasised owner Susanna Maaranen. “It’s a healthy natural product.”

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