New co-owner to lift Nordic Koivu’s operations to a new level

Company’s controlling interest and operations remain in Tohmajärvi, Finland

Hong Kong based Windseeker Development Limited (“Windseeker”), part of the Yangshengtang Limited Group (“YST”, together with its subsidiaries, “YST Group”), invests in Nordic Koivu, a birch sap producer located in Tohmajärvi, Finland. The investment is made through Nordic Koivu Group, which after the transaction is the parent company of Nordic Koivu. In the transaction, Nordic Koivu Group acquires the shares of Nordic Koivu from the current minority owners, turning Nordic Koivu into a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordic Koivu Group. After the investment, Windseeker is Nordic Koivu Group’s substantial, albeit minority shareholder. The controlling interest remains in the hands of Nordic Koivu’s founders, Susanna Luostarinen and Arto Korhonen.

YST is a long-time customer of Nordic Koivu, utilizing the pure North Karelian birch sap as a main ingredient in its cosmetic products. With the investment, the new co-owner wants to ensure the availability of this high-quality ingredient also in the future.

“The new co-owner believes in quality and wants to ensure that the world’s best and purest birch sap will remain at their disposal also in the coming years”, states Susanna Luostarinen, Executive Vice President at Nordic Koivu.

For Nordic Koivu, the transaction results into stronger resources to further develop their operations.

“The new co-owner lifts our operations to all new level and enables even stronger growth”, Luostarinen emphasizes. “In addition, all this can be implemented according to the existing responsibility principles, so that the sap can be traced all the way to North Karelian forests, at the accuracy of a grove.”

YST Vice President Zhong Jigang said, “We have been working with Nordic Koivu since we launched our first Yoseido skin-care products, using all natural birch sap instead of water. The exceptional natural environment in Finland ensures the purest birch sap for our product.”

“After the investment, with the strong R&D capability of YST and Nordic Koivu, we believe more possibilities of birch sap could be explored. And we’ll keep working for sustainable development.” Zhong added.

The operations and product development of Nordic Koivu will remain in the company’s domicile in Tohmajärvi, Northern Karelia. The growth of business, accelerated by the share transaction, will create jobs and new well-being throughout the entire Eastern Finland.

Windseeker is a subsidiary of YST Group, which is recognized as one of top 500 private enterprises in China with investments across bottled water, healthcare products, food and snacks, bio-pharmaceuticals, skincare and cosmetics, agriculture and other research fields. Among them Nongfu Spring is a leading packaged drinking water and beverage company listed on HK stock exchange (stock code: 9633). Beijing Wantai is specialized in diagnostic and vaccine field listed on Shanghai stock exchange (stock code: 603392)

Nordic Koivu, founded in 1996, produces high-quality birch sap as a ready-to-drink consumer product as well as an ingredient to beverage and cosmetic industries.

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