Nordic Koivu


Nordic Koivu Birch Water

Nordic Koivu Birch sap

Not just another drop in the bucket

Nordic Koivu is birch sap straight from the forests of Eastern Finland

Nordic Koivu is a birch sap that comes straight from the forests of Eastern Finland. That is precisely why it is unique in more ways than one – completely free of microbes and as pure and natural as humanly possible. Even though sap has to be collected from trees during a short period of time, Nordic Koivu is available throughout the year, with no need for freezing.

Foods &

A healthy ingredient for your
foods and drinks

Cosmetics & Pharma

The perfect component for your cosmetics and pharmaceutics

Distributors & Consumers

Bottled birch water for those who wish for a healthier life

Latest News

This is the home of Nordic Koivu

Far away, deep in the forests of Eastern Finland, things are different

While the beauty of the scenery just about takes your breath away, a certain aura of mystique is, in an almost tangible way, hanging in the clean, fresh air. This is the home of Nordic Koivu; a birch sap like no other in the world. A real thing in every possible sense.

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